N the second and 1/3 initiation the Christ-child regularly matures. In the fourth initiation, esoterically referred to as the “Crucifixion,” the unfolding human soul attains liberation from samsara, or the cycles of birth and rebirth. Here he acquires the title of Arhat, Wali, or Saint. Human perfection is attained within the 5th initiation wherein one turns into a “Master.” The enjoy of the ascension is acquired in the sixth initiation. At gift, little is thought of the seventh, 8th, and ninth initiations.

Metaphysical Disciplines

Below we present some useful standards, disciplines, and practices that would now not simplest enhance one’s attention and vibratory frequency, spiritual director however additionally shape the basis of the unfoldment of divine virtues and powers, and anchor non secular aspects of the microcosm into the bodily/etheric pressure-field. When the final goal of those disciplines are reached or attained guy will now not be man, he turns into a god, a divine being, a Son or Daughter of the Supreme Being. It has lengthy been proclaimed by using Christian evangelists that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Nowadays we listen that the Aquarian Age or the Golden Age is handy.


Nothing has essentially modified. It is the equal message that the Higher Intelligences ruling the Omniverse needs to carry to humanity. Waiting for the Kingdom of God or the Golden Age to seem is not structured upon time in any way. It isn’t a destiny occasion however a country of cognizance. One will by no means enter heaven or the glories of the New Age with the aid of waiting. Passivity will not assist guy to acquire the kingdom or condition that he longs for. Man reaches the height of attainment through striving, by way of personal effort, with the aid of moving along with the evolutionary present day. The manner has long been proven by mystics and Spiritual Masters. It is as much as us to observe of their footsteps. Spiritual disciplines can be taken into consideration because the car that would delivery us to the religious goal, to the promised land flowing with milk and honey.

Below are a few precepts and disciplines useful in the non secular existence:

1) Try warding off using the phrase “I” in normal speech. Do now not emphasize the lower self in any manner. Instead of saying, “I like this,” say “This is first-class.” By putting this field into motion we sooner or later displace the lower ego with the energy and have an effect on of the Higher Self. We might steadily express self-surrender and self-sacrifice and collect institution-attention wherein the Great SELF is perceived in all.

The Sacred Companion: Embracing the Guidance of a Spiritual Director